Awakening Together

In Times of Uncertainty

A couples mentoring group

Is your relationship struggling under the increased stress that we are all feeling during these times of uncertainty?

Would you and your partner like to know how to let these challenging times bring out the best in each of you, instead of the worst?

Would you like to know how Awakening Together can allow you and your partner to realize a deeper level of shared ecstatic fulfillment?

Normally, couples are so busy with their day-to-day activities that they don’t even notice the tensions building up in their relationship. When times are good, it’s easier for couples to overlook the underlying issues, but when times are tough these underlying conflicts come to the surface.

When couples experience stressful situations, it’s not uncommon for couples to have more frequent arguments. In hopes of minimizing conflicts, some couples begin to avoid each other.

How can you and your partner resolve these underlying conflicts?

It’s important to admit to yourselves that this problem isn’t going to go away by itself. You know that if you don’t do something to heal the problem, then the relationship could crumble.

The important question is: what are you going to do about it?

Perhaps, you’re also wondering if there is a secret to creating a successful relationship.

There are actually two secrets.

Here is the first one.

Although there are many joyful times in a successful relationship the purpose of a healthy relationship isn’t about making each other happy.

“It isn’t?” you might ask.


Actually, the first mistake couples make is to assume that the other person is there to make them happy. And the second mistake they make is to assume it’s their job to make the other person happy.

What’s the real the purpose of relationship?

Let’s answer that by looking at the results.

When a partnership is successful, the following happens:

  • You see how magnificent your partner really is.
  • And your partner sees how magnificent you are.
  • You each get to see your own essence and get a clearer idea of who you really are
  • Enormous joy flows between you and within you, because of all the beauty that the two of you see in yourselves and in each other
  • Life is more meaningful and more beautiful

But you don’t get to this point by trying to make the other person happy or by trying to get the other person to make you happy.

The purpose of relationship is to reveal to each of you how magnificent you each really are.

Relationships show you what’s blocking you from living from your essence. All the conflicts that happen in a relationship have a purpose; they are there to show you what is holding you back from being the best YOU that you can be.

You might be thinking, “I thought that conflict meant the relationship was not good.”

It all depends on how conflict is handled. If conflict becomes just blaming and avoiding each other and nothing constructive comes from the conflict, then it’s time the two of you

  • learn how to end the blame game
  • learn better ways of arguing
  • learn to take responsibility for your part of the conflict
  • draw boundaries that insist that your partner takes responsibility for their part of the conflict
  • develop great listening skills

When conflict is handled in a way, where differences are resolved, insights are gained, trust grows and mutual solutions are found – then relationships can flourish. When you can handle conflicts constructively, then conflicts that used to seem like stumbling blocks actually become fertile ground for intimacy to grow.

How do you learn to handle conflict in a constructive way?

Most of the time, when conflicts escalate in a relationship, it’s because there are unresolved family of origin, and multi-generational wounds that need healing. Only 20-30% of the conflict is actually about the spouses’ current challenges. The other 70-80% of the conflict revolves around subconscious psycho-spiritual pain that you both unconsciously carried into the relationship. When you start to learn how to work as a team to resolve these psycho-spiritual issues and multi-generational wounds, then you have the makings of a strong foundation for your relationship.

What can we do to heal our relationship and work towards Awakening Together?

Creating joy and intimacy in relationship is not about fulfilling each other’s expectations, it’s about both of you communicating more about your inner lives. A great deal of progress can be made by each of you working on your psycho-spiritual wounds both individually and together. Here are some of the steps you can take on your own to improve the relationship:


  • Learn to enjoy your own company. Relationships work better, when two strong individuals come together
  • Connect to Heart Wisdom, so you can be clear about what is truly important to you
  • Work on clearing your own psycho-spiritual concerns. The more you know about your inner workings, the easier it will be to find solutions to conflicts with your new partner
  • Addressing family of origin and multi-generational wounds. Knowing how your past has influenced your relationships will make it easier to take responsibility for resolving your side of the conflict

To sustain the joy and the intimacy, you have to both be willing to find mutually satisfying solutions. That doesn’t happen, unless both people have done and continue to do inner work. It takes time and effort, and there will be tough moments, when you don’t know if your new relationship will make it through the challenges before you, but the return on your investment can be exquisite and ecstatic.

The second secret is about Awakening Together

How do you do that?

“Awakening Together is about sharing the ecstatic silence that is at the core of life with one another on a daily basis. Awakening Together is about seeing the Divine in your partner’s eyes, not just during the romantic stage, but years, even decades later.

When we fall in love, we can easily see the spark of the Divine in our partner’s eyes, but what do we do, when the romantic stage ends and the power struggle stage begins? If both partners have the courage to look at their own dark shadow, and also develop compassion for each other’s shadow, then the relationship can climb out of the power struggle stage.

When you continue down this path of spiritualizing relationship, you eventually come to understand the true meaning of unconditional love.”

Sharon and Trevor Hart

During times of uncertainty, where do you start to rekindle your relationship?

Instead of being afraid that you’re losing your relationship, think about what you’re up against like it’s an incredible adventure that you and your partner are embarking on. Adventures have dangerous moments, but they also have exciting moments, and precious moments.
These difficulties present many opportunities to learn more about yourselves and each other. Most people don’t realize that there is an inner journey a couple can take, where these difficult times become the fertile ground for getting to know each other at a much deeper level. When you learn the lessons, your relationship is teaching both of you, then you can develop a deeper sense of trust in each other. As a result, you can grow closer, and develop more intimacy.

Awakening Together opens the door for intimacy to grow, not only in spite of hard times, but actually because of all you have been through together. Awakening Together can lead to more and more moments of shared exquisite stillness.

“Awakening Together is about seeing the Divine in your partner’s eyes, not just during the romantic stage, but years, even decades later. “
~ Sharon and Trevor Hart


In the Awakening Together in Love Hartwisdom Mentoring group you can ask questions, such as these:


My partner and I have come to a point in our relationship where we have begun to realize that we view spirituality from different angles? How can we overcome the problems that arise from having different spiritual practices?

When we met, we talked quite a bit about wanting to spiritualize our relationship, but now just seem to be caught in the same relationship issues as everyone else? We have an intellectual idea of what it means to spiritualize our relationship, but now we are realizing that we don’t have a clue how it’s actually done. What does a spiritual relationship look like? What do we need to do to make this a reality instead of just something we dream about?
How come we keep finding ourselves arguing over the pettiest things, when what we really want is to touch the Divine together? How do you spiritualize a relationship when you’re caught in conflict with one another? How would a couple who is spiritualizing their relationship resolve conflicts?
We have been trying for years to spiritualize our relationship and we have had some incredible moments, when we both touched the divine together. But there are other times when it seems so hopeless. If my partner and I can’t find a way to live in peace, what hope is there for this world to find peace? What do you do, when you’re stuck in a repeating conflict with your partner?

Do you have a model of what a healthy relationship looks like?

Not many people do.

How Trevor and Sharon moved through times of uncertainty with grace and courage….

It’s a rare opportunity to learn about how to spiritualize your relationship from a couple, who have been sharing their spiritual path as marriage partners for over 35 years. The Harts celebrate a renewed sense of being in love that is not common in long term marriages today. In this mentoring group, the Harts model for you how there is another path to resolving conflict and moving through tough times, besides divorce.

Through a series of multiple crises, including raising a child with severe special needs, they have learned both individually and as a team how to flow with change on a practical level, while simultaneously maintaining their inner eye on the Divine. They used their challenges as a catalyst to deeper awakening. And they developed the Awakening Together Relationship Mentoring Groups as an outgrowth from the inner strength and heart wisdom that they learned along the way. This program in many ways is the symbol of their co-creative and ever-expanding marriage.

Sharon and Trevor are spiritual wisdom teachers who have mastered uncertainty and challenge in their own lives. After teaching hundreds of students to negotiate difficult times, you can be sure that they will understand what you are up against. Their living example and clear teaching method gives participants courage to leap beyond uncertainty to discover a clear path to inner strength and heart wisdom.

Learn More About Us

How Trevor and Sharon Work Together

Trevor and Sharon will be co-facilitating these spiritual mentoring groups offering different, but very complementary approaches. Their marriage of over 35 years is a Divine partnership based on a deep commitment to awakening and a gift to students.

Sharon’s Quantum Dialogue Works™ accesses the layer of the holographic mind that can literally and instantaneously liberate one from the knots of psychological suffering by switching identification from “personhood” to the holographic wholeness that we all are.

Trevor’s Lightbody Engineering ™ is a remote spiritual healing tool that works on a quantum level with subtle body energies to bring about optimal levels of physical health, deep psycho-spiritual insights and stabilization of awakening.

What is a HartWisdom Mentoring group for Couples?

* The asterisk at the beginning of the question indicates that this question is specific to this group. Please be sure to take a look at these questions, even if you have read the “What is a HartWisdom Mentoring Group” section somewhere else on the site.

*What is the Awakening Together in Times of Uncertainty Couples Mentoring Group about?

The Awakening Together in Times of Uncertainty Mentoring Group is a group for couples who want to improve their relationship. It is also focused on how couples can more through these times of uncertainty as a team. This group is a couples only group, both partners need to join the group.

*Why would we want to join this Awakening Together In Times of Uncertainty Couples Mentoring Group?

There are many relationship classes online, but there are very few that specifically focus on how couples can improve their relationship and find mutually satisfying solutions to the problems that arise in challenging and uncertain times.

There are all kinds of stressors today that we weren’t having to deal with just a little while ago including:

  • Global health concerns
  • Political upheaval
  • Increase violence
  • Dramatic weather patterns
  • Economic instability
  • Significant shifts in the way establish institutions function

These kinds of sweeping changes impact how we get along, especially how we get along with our intimate partners. Often times the ways we have interacted with one another for years or decades somehow seem inadequate to the tasks before us.

Here are some of the kinds of challenges you might be facing:

Conflicts Increase

  • Differences between how you and your partner view what’s happening in the world
  • Points of contention that come up as a result of spending too much time together and not enough time apart

Communication Deteriorates

  • When there are many topics that you and your partner refuse to discuss
  • When it gets harder to predict your future and you see what’s ahead differently
  • leaving uncertain about what the future will look like
  • When plans continuously get altered leaving you feeling uncertain about what the future will look like
  • keep getting derailed Interrupted plans in many areas of life that make the future unpredictable

Recreational Pursuits Change

  • When times of change effect your ability to connect to your larger community of family and friends
  • When worry keeps you so busy surviving change that you don’t have time to enjoy one another
  • What you do for fun as a couple might change
  • Time for Intimate Contact might decrease

Most couples don’t realize that good relationship can be threatened by having to make too many adjustments too fast, until it’s too late.

Couples often think they have to go through this kind of a transition alone, because they think no one else will understand what they are going through.

You and your partner don’t have to go through this transition by yourselves! That’s what this mentoring group is all about. Trevor and Sharon will guide you each step of the way.

It’s very possible to learn how to navigate this terrain as a team. When a couple can work together as an effective team, then it’s easier to find solutions to problems that previously seemed insurmountable. Couples, who learn how to work as a team, find ways to maintain intimate contact with one another.

Joining this mentoring Group now will give you support to make this transition easier for both of you.

*What happens in each Awakening Together in Times Of Uncertainty group session?

The Harts will begin each group talking about a variety of topics focused on becoming a team when your relationship is stressed out by too much change. Here are just a few of the topics that might be covered:

  • Improving Communication skills
  • How to stop the “blame game”
  • Ending the power struggle
  • Working through difficult emotions individually and together
  • Spiritualizing your relationship as a way to navigate through challenges
  • Discovering who you really are

The second part of the evening will be devoted to giving individuals the opportunity to ask questions. A sacred space is created and the focus becomes your present moment experience; this allows Trevor and Sharon to fine-tune the wisdom teachings to specific concerns you have.

These groups are small and intimate, so that there is plenty of time for one-on-one support or “mini-sessions” with Trevor or Sharon. There will be opportunities to work with the Harts both as individuals and also as a couple.

*How Do I Get My Partner to Join?

Obviously, in order for you to get started in the couples’ group, both you and your partner need to get onboard. If you’re the partner, who is initiating the discussion of joining this couple’s group, we know that it can be challenging to approach your partner.

Well, you don’t have to do it alone. We have a great deal of experience on how to support couples making this decision to join or not to join.

From our experience we know that there is often an enthusiastic partner and a reluctant partner. We understand both positions and we are willing to work with both of you to discover if this couples’ group is a good match for your needs.

It’s interesting to note that as the weeks go by, those people, who were originally reluctant to join the group, often become the most enthusiastic participants. This has happened over and over. Amazing, but true.

To make this decision easier, we offer a FREE opportunity to talk with the Harts.

You both get a chance to speak to one of the Harts before joining the group. Each of you can call and talk for 15 minutes.

How do I register for the free calls? It’s very simple – just fill out the registration form at the bottom of this page and one of the Harts will get back to you shortly and schedule the call(s).

*Who is this Couples Mentoring group for? Are we a good match for this group?

This group is for couples who usually get along well, but who are facing additional stress because of the times of uncertainty that we are facing in this country and around the world. If you and your partner want to learn some new and better ways to get along then this is a great group to join. It’s really just that simple.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, or how long you have been together, or if you are married or not. And we understand that one partner may be more excited about the adventure than the other one.

*Who is this Couples Mentoring group NOT for?

It is not a group for couples who are in constant conflict, or who have always had trouble getting along. Couples with these types of challenges probably need private sessions.
This group is also not appropriate for couples facing alcohol or drug related issues, serious mental health issues and domestic violence issues, or major legal challenges.

  • If you aren’t interested in personal growth
  • If you are clear that emotions are not something you want to explore
  • If exploring a higher power is something you know you’re not interested in
  • If you like to blame others for your problems
  • If you think you’re beyond hope and you’re not willing to change
  • If someone else is making you come to the group, but you don’t really want to come
  • If you like to argue and debate

*What if we are a couple who is facing a more personal challenge, one that is not directly related to the times of uncertainty we are all facing?

This Couples Mentoring Group is also very appropriate for couples who might not be concerned about global change, but who are facing various kinds of personal challenges such as:

  • the loss of a business or career
  • the loss of a house
  • caring for a parent or an in-law
  • concerns about parenting children/teens
  • death of a loved one

Even if your concern is not as critical as these types of concerns, you are welcome to join this couple’s group.

*What if we are a couple who is facing a health challenge?

If you and your partner or your child are:

  • coping with an illness
  • recovering from an accident
  • struggling with being differently-abled
  • dealing with concerns related to aging

We have two groups that may work for you:

*What if the situation that was critical has passed but we are still not getting along?

Yes, absolutely! Sometimes the event ends, but the stress remains, and if the underlying issues go unaddressed, the conflicts in the relationship can intensify.

It’s also quite common for couples to sail through the actual difficulty, but then when it’s all over then they feel the stress.

The main criteria for joining this group is wanting to improve your relationship.

*Why a spiritual mentoring group for couples instead of the usual concept of a class or a workshop?

In the process of creating a variety of courses over the last several years, it became obvious to us that the depth, and especially the breadth, of the wisdom that Sharon and Trevor have to share with us is extensive. It is simply too vast to capture in a course format, and so the idea of offering spiritual mentoring groups for couples was born.

*What are the benefits of doing this work in a group rather than in private sessions?

Couples are often very pleased to discover that watching the Harts work with other couples in the group usually provides support for their relationship. It’s almost as if the other couples in the group do some of the work for you, and when it’s your turn, you’ll do the same for them.

This mentoring group format offers you many of the benefits of working with Trevor or Sharon in a private couple’s session at a much lower cost.

In addition, as group members begin to know one another through the work, a strong sense of community develops. Welcome to the HartWisdom Community!


We are not affiliated or sponsored by any religious organization.
Our groups are open to anyone from any religion or spiritual orientation (including atheists), who is interested in exploring Heart Wisdom.

Ongoing Groups Starting Now

*How often do these couples' mentoring groups meet?

Each month you receive two online, video group couples’ sessions on Zoom, with each session lasting an hour and half to two hours.

We understand that for a variety of reasons you might want to turn off your camera and that is acceptable. However, the Hart’s ability to facilitate your work as a couple improves greatly if they can see your faces.

When you join a group, initially we ask for a three-month commitment, because we know that it takes most people 6 sessions to have a full sense of how this work can be of benefit to them.

What do you mean by on-going? Can we stay in the group after the initial 6 sessions are over?

Yes! Our groups are ongoing, allowing couples to continue the spiritual mentoring experience as long as they want. After the initial six group sessions, you and your partner can rejoin the group with as many additional two-month commitments as you would like.

*What is the time commitment?

There may be some homework assignments to prepare for more efficient in-group communication with your partner. These likely take you an hour once every two weeks. We understand that in these uncertain times something might come up on occasion that makes it challenging to complete the assignment, and we will allow for some flexibility in terms of completing assignments. However, clients who complete these assignments report getting much better results from their involvement in the group.

Will there be recordings of each mentoring group session?

We will not be providing recordings of the sessions for participants for multiple reasons. One being of privacy concerns of group members, as well as we feel that it is very important for you to attend each session in person.

We, however, reserve the right to record any group session for our own use.

Will we really have an opportunity to work directly with Sharon and Trevor? How many people will be in the group?

Yes! Unlike many spiritual programs, which enroll hundreds of participants, we are making a conscious decision to keep our groups small. We keep enrollment to a level, where there is plenty of time for people to ask questions and take turns in mini-sessions. We will work directly with at least one to three couples, who want to ask a question during each session. If you want to just come and listen that is also an option.

I have been told by other people that you have a very long waitlist. Is it possible to get a private session with Trevor and Sharon?

When you participate in any of our groups, you go to the top of the waitlist for private sessions. This is not a guarantee that you will get private sessions with Trevor or Sharon but it does improve your chances of becoming a private client.

*Will Trevor be offering LBE protocols as part of this couples groups? What kind of downloads will he be doing?

Trevor will do his best to provide occasional transmissions from the Organizing Intelligence that are downloaded to everyone in the Awakening Together in Times of Uncertainty Group sessions.

The demands on Trevor’s time are extensive, therefore, Trevor will provide this support as often as possible, but it is not guaranteed to occur.

The Lightbody Engineering protocol Trevor usually provides in couples groups focus on aligning your chakras and your intimate partner’s chakras. This can bring you more harmony in all aspects of your relationship.

Trevor does not do health related protocol downloads in the mentoring groups; he only provides those on one on one sessions.

If you don’t want to be included in these protocols that is also acceptable.

I am very interested in experiencing the LightBody Engineering protocols. Will Trevor be providing any LBE protocols during the groups?

We have plans for Trevor to offer LightBody Engineering Protocols in these groups at a later date. Currently, this is only available to those, who have been an active part of our community. Hopefully, we will be able to offer you a series of protocols in these groups starting in January 2021. If you are interested in private sessions, join our email list and also sign up for Trevor’s waitlist.

I know Trevor’s practice is very full. Will Trevor be attending every session?

Trevor is in the process of shifting his focus from his private work to these HartWisdom Mentoring Groups, but this will happen as a transition that slowly occurs over time. Please understand that Trevor has a sacred contract with his existing clients that must be fulfilled before he transitions to these groups.

As we begin launching these HartWisdom Programs, Trevor’s involvement will be quite limited, and Sharon will often be the primary facilitator and mentor during the initial phase. But as the HartWisdom Programs become more established, and as Trevor begins to reduce the size of his private practice, Trevor’s role and involvement in the HartWisdom groups will increase substantially.

Starting in Fall 2020, Trevor will begin facilitating the following groups with Sharon at least once a month.

Starting early 2021, we expect that Trevor will begin facilitating the following groups with Sharon at least once a month.

These groups will always be facilitated by Sharon

*Who is this group NOT for?

This couples group is NOT for you:

  • If you aren’t interested in personal growth
  • If you are clear that emotions are not something you want to explore
  • If exploring a higher power is something you know that you are not interested in
  • If you like to blame others for your problems
  • If you think you’re beyond hope and you’re not willing to change
  • If you like to argue and debate

For those of you who have partners with the issues listed above, we suggest you choose from the following options:

Sessions for the Awakening Together in Times of Uncertainty Group are ongoing and held

Thursdays 7:30-9:30 pm EST
twice a month
(except holidays)

When you are accepted to the program, you will be given the dates for the next 12 group sessions.

Registration Form for Couples Groups

When you register, you both get a chance to speak to one of the Harts before joining the group. Each of you can call and talk for 15 minutes.

You can register by yourself by filling out the form below. If your partner agrees, you can include your partner’s name and contact information, or he or she can register later.

Once we have spoken privately to all the couples who are planning to join this group, we will let you know when the group will begin.

* means required field

You may choose to complete the Intake Form below now or after you have had your intake phone call with Sharon.

Program Fees and FAQs

How can we join a group?

Enrollment occurs on an on-going basis, so you and your partner can join any of these HartWisdom groups in progress at any time.

The first step in joining the group is EASY: you can register by yourself by filling out the form above and indicate which group you want to join. If your partner agrees, you can include your partner’s name and contact information, or he or she can register later.

No payment is required at time of registration.

Be sure to provide your correct phone number(s) on the registration form, because the next step in the enrollment process is a short free couples pre-enrollment call.

What is the free couples pre-enrollment call about?

The decision to join a couple’s group is usually an intricate process, usually involving an enthusiastic partner and a reluctant partner. We understand both positions and we are willing to work with both of you to discover if this couples’ group is a good match for your needs. To make this decision easier, we offer a FREE opportunity to talk with the Harts.

You both get a chance to speak to one of the Harts before joining the group.

Each of you can call and talk for 15 minutes or if you prefer you can get on the call together.

How do I register for the free calls? It’s very simple - just fill out the pre-registration form at the bottom of this page and one of the Harts will get back to you shortly and schedule the call(s).

During the call you and your partner can ask any questions you might have about our HartWIsdom mentoring couples’ group. We will also go over the details of our enrollment process and payment methods with both of you at that time.

Then, if there is room in the group you and your partner are requesting, you will be invited to join the group.

How do we decide which couple’s group is the best one for us to take?

We have three couple’s group for you to choose from. Just indicate your choice on your registration form above.

Are we required to have a private couple's session with you before we join the group?

We have discovered that most couple’s need a private couple’s mentoring session with Sharon prior to enrollment. This session will help you to both get on board for the adventure.

This is a prerequisite to joining the group. The cost for the initial one and a half hour couples session is $400; however if you both join one of the HartWisdom couples groups, then the cost is reduced by 50% ($200 off).

Additional sessions are full price unless you apply for one of our special discounts- see below.

To schedule your first couple’s session, contact Sharon at [email protected].

Enrolling in private sessions during the initial enrollment period does not guarantee that you or your partner will become on-going private client(s).

How much does it cost to enroll?

You register for the groups in packages.

  • The initial package is for 6 sessions (3-month).
  • After that you can purchase as many 4-session (2-month) packages as you want.

The cost for joining a HartWisdom mentoring group is $375 per person for your initial package of 6 sessions.

If you join the group after October 15, 2020 the price for the initial 6 sessions goes up to $450.

We are also expecting another price increase after the new year.

These prices are per person, since this is a couples’ group, you will both need to pay the per person cost.

Payment in full is required before attending any group.

Prices and dates are subject to change at any time. We do not offer refunds.

How much does it cost to continue per person after the first package?

You can continue purchasing consecutive blocks of four sessions (2-month) packages for as long as you like.

The current price for a four session (2-month) package is $250. On November 20, the price for a four session (2-month) package goes up to $325.

These prices are per person, since this is a couples’ group, you will both need to pay the per person cost.

As long as you continue buying consecutive 2 month packages, your price remains the same as your initial package of 4 sessions. However, to keep this low price, you need to pay by check and you must register within 5 days of completion of your last package of sessions. Otherwise, the price for the 2 month package reverts to the newest current price.

Payment in full is required before attending any group.

Prices and dates are subject to change at any time. We do not offer refunds.

Are there any special discounts? What are the payment method options?

  • EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: The earlier you decide to enroll the lower the price. (See 'How much does it cost to enroll' above for details)
  • PAY BY CHECK OPTION: If you choose to pay via check for your initial 6 sessions, the cost is reduced by $50.
  • PAYPAL INVOICE- We offer this option for the initial package of 6 sessions ONLY. Let us know if this is how you would like to pay.
  • LOW PRICE EXTENSION: We offer our lowest prices for those who choose to pay using the following methods: (We prefer these options because we want to minimize people going into debt via credit card to pay for our programs.)

    If you use one of these methods, you can reduce your cost by $50 for each payment for a HartWisdom group. Apply for this low-price extension by sending an email to [email protected] and we will send you payment details.

  • SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM: We highly advise you speak to us about our partial scholarship program, rather than going into debt to take our course. Apply for our unique Partial Scholarship program by sending an email requesting with the word “mutual gifting” in the subject line to [email protected]. This option is also available for private session work.