Quantum Dialogue Works™

What is Quantum Dialogue Works™?

Quantum Dialogue Works ™ is a compassionate process that begins with seven key elements to working through life altering events. These are the keys that lead to a more joyful life – despite circumstances.

Quieting the mind so you can access at least brief periods of rest and peace.

Exploring your beliefs about who you used to be, who you think you are and who you wish you could be

Learn about the three emotions that block your way to living more of your life in joy

Learning to resolve inner conflicts that maybe blocking your path to finding inner peace and joy in your life.

Learning how to live in the moment.

Letting go of thoughts about the past or the future

Asking “Who am I?” till you discover a hidden door to a joyous life.

About Sharon Hart

Sharon Hart PortraitThe primary focus of Sharon’s work is to encourage people to perceive the world from a place of inner peace, freedom, and joy – no matter what is happening in the external events of their lives.
Sharon Hart, M.A. is the creator of Quantum Dialogue WorksTM, a unique approach to healing psycho-spiritual and multi-generational wounds. Sharon is a spiritual mentor, a life coach, and an ordained minister. She has a M.A. degree in Transpersonal and Holistic Psychotherapist, and a B.A. degree in Special Education.
She has a phenomenal gift for showing clients how to bring awareness to the emotional experiences of life in such a way that it is possible to penetrate the feeling; thus, revealing a profound silence and peace hidden deep within the feeling.
Sharon’s Quantum Dialogue WorksTM is also effective in helping couples with relationship issues to make rapid progress. Sharon has developed an extraordinary ability to simultaneously comprehend the inner psycho-spiritual terrain of both individuals in a couple. This rare ability allows her to guide couples to discover mutually satisfying solutions that otherwise would have been overlooked.
Sharon is the co-author of a soon-to-be-released book entitled More Than You Hoped For: The Unexpected Joy of Raising an Autistic Playwright that she is writing with her son, Jaison Hart. There are two interwoven stories in this book. It is a non-fiction narrative depicting the true story of how raising an autistic son became the catalyst to propel a mother to deeper and deeper spiritual realization. The book also contains the story about how a non-verbal boy eventually learned to type his thoughts and write a play. The play entitled Dreams of an Autistic Playwright tells the story of his day to day home life and his dream life with fairytale characters, who teach him about friendship. The play received a stage reading at Colorado University, and has since been performed in Denver. It is Jaison’s hope that his play and this book inspires people to make true and lasting friendships with people on the autistic spectrum. It is Sharon’s desire that the book inspire people facing challenging times in their lives with hope.

Would you like private sessions with Sharon Hart to work on these issues?

Even though Sharon was trained as a transpersonal psychotherapist, she chooses to focus her practice on her unique approach to spiritual mentoring/coaching that she calls Quantum Dialogue Work™ (QDW). She works with individuals whose primary goal is to understand what is blocking them on an emotional level from living more and more awake and at peace in their daily lives.

What happens in a private session?

At the beginning of each session, you talk about whatever you need support with that day. You might desire to find peace when coping with challenging life events, create or maintain intimate relationships, or find inner fulfillment in your life as a caregiver. Then Sharon will guide you through the QDW process to bring your awareness in sharper focus that allows you to see more clearly what’s blocking you from being happy.

However, that is just the starting point

Often, before the session ends, clients have a breakthrough experience of discovering inner peace. During these openings, clients often see the magnificence of who they really are at the core. Quantum Dialogue Works™ has been referred to as a spiritual “shortcut” approach that accelerates the waking up process.

Request Private Sessions

Sharon has very few openings available. Please call 303.494.5822 and leave a message or text for your best chance to secure an appointment. If you don’t get in right away, you will be placed on her wait list. If you would like to work with Sharon and you have a different issue, do not hesitate to let her know, as she works with a wide variety of life challenges. Please fill out the form below so we have your contact information.


The cost for a private session with Sharon is $300. For a limited time, she offers the first session at half price ($150). Sharon prefers working with clients who make a commitment to their inner growth and plan to schedule regular sessions.