When encountering times of uncertainty, there are no simple answers.

All you really know is that something significant has changed in your life.


WHAT IF there is a way to find a moment of peace, even when you feel overwhelmed?


WHAT IF there is a way to connect to guidance within your own heart that can clearly reveal the best way to proceed?


WHAT IF inner strength begins with opening the heart, even when the usual impulse is to close it?

The Harts Talk About ‘Hart Wisdom in Times of Uncertainty’
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We address these questions through our spiritual mentoring groups. 

HartWisdom Spiritual Mentoring Groups

Inner Peace No Matter What Series

Inner Peace

No Matter What Program

A Spiritual Mentoring Program for Finding A Moment of Peace in a Changing World 

Our Current Global Dilemma

First the pandemic, and then civil unrests in our cities.

Things that we didn’t think could happen, keep happening.

So much is changing, it’s unbelievable.

How we find clarity and direction when the unknown seems to confront us at every turn.

Political corruption, racial conflict, protests and riots, the pandemic, and strange weather patterns are all symptoms of a deeper dis-ease? Obviously, all these problems need to be addressed somehow, but rather than just focusing on the symptoms, we need to use a holistic approach and look for a root cause for this upheaval we see all around us.

Is there some purpose for this chaos?

Perhaps, the real reason for this global turmoil is that the time has come for humanity to come out of denial about its shadow side.


For most of us, our spiritual journey began with some kind of challenging event, like a divorce, or an illness or a job loss. Perhaps, all these chaotic global events are offering humanity a similar opportunity for spiritual growth.

It might help to look at it this way. Our collective global shadow holds multi-generational, multi-cultural, multi-racial wounds that have happened on this planet for eons. What’s happening now is that humanity is on the cusp of healing these collective wounds. The potential is for all this pain to be brought to light for healing.

The good news is that you can make a difference!

As you heal yourself and your personal shadow, you pave the way to heal the collective shadow. By continuing to make progress with your own inner growth, and especially by focusing on healing your own ancestral multi-generational wound you can contribute greatly to healing what’s wrong with our world.

Going through this transition is not easy for any of us, but when you understand that the tough times, we are going through can also be a time of great liberation for humanity, it makes it a little easier to cope with all this momentous change.

What’s really exciting is that when we gather together in spiritual mentoring groups, the power of the group amplifies the healing for all of humanity! In this way, we can accelerate humanity’s awakening.

That’s what the Hart Wisdom Community is all about!

What is the wisest way to face times of uncertainty?

knowing how to find inner peace bridge

Here at HartWisdom, we offer spiritual mentoring groups to take you step by step to find inner peace in times of uncertainty. We encourage you to connect to the wisdom of the heart, especially when challenges come your way. You don’t have to do this alone. We can come together in community and use our collective wisdom to navigate through these times we are living through.

Here are some of the questions that we address in our Hart Wisdom spiritual mentoring groups and private sessions:

  • If you are struggling with a difficult challenge in your personal life and/or if you’re overwhelmed by waves of global change, then the The Inner Peace – No Matter What Program might be just what you’re looking for.
  • If you and your partner have been having more trouble getting along since the global pandemic began, then you might want to take a look at our Awakening Together In Times of Uncertainty Spiritual Mentoring Group. 
  • Coming Soon! Our Awakening Together Program will provide spiritual mentoring groups that focus on relationship issues for both singles and couples. If you and your partner want a conscious relationship, where you can both learn to share heart wisdom together, then definitely check out this program. We also have an Awakening Together spiritual mentoring group for singles. We even have mentoring groups for couples, who are struggling with health issues in the family.
  • Coming soon! Family caregivers receive a place of honor here at HartWisdom. Our Caregivers Program invites you to learn how to live with more inner peace and joy in your life when you are caring for a loved one.
  • Coming soon! If you are dealing with autism in the family, and longing for a moment of peace, you might find it beneficial to check out our Autism Spiritual Mentoring Group for family members and those who love someone with autism. If you find yourself feeling lost and empty while caring for someone with autism, you will find guidance in this spiritual mentoring group.

Welcome to our Hart Wisdom Community!
We are pleased you’re here and we look forward to getting to know you.
Trevor and Sharon Hart

A Planet-Wide Evolution of Consciousness

In the first quarter of the twenty-first century, we are witnessing a planet-wide evolution of human consciousness. And as time passes, change seems to be intensifying. Although this is often difficult for us on a personal level, on a global level it means more and more people are waking up. The more people who wake up, the closer we are to a more enlightened future for all of humanity.

As much as we might like this to be an easy transition, it seems that as we make this evolutionary leap, our world is going through its own labor pains. As the ripples of global change expand, our personal lives are affected in different ways. Some of us experience health or relationship issues, while other people are affected by environmental concerns, and still other people are impacted by economic concerns.

The intensity of the uncertainty we are facing as individuals can vary from mild to extreme, depending on many internal and external factors. But whatever the size or shape or degree of challenge you’re facing, it is possible for you to find inner guidance, strength and peace.

These Inner Peace – No Matter What Spiritual Mentoring Groups are an invitation to all who are seeking a clear path and more peace during times of uncertainty. Whether you are new to the spiritual path or have been on a spiritual journey for decades, we hope that you will join us in this group experience that explores our core teachings.

Our clients tell us that through the ‘Inner Peace – No Matter What Spiritual Mentoring Groups, they open to deeper understanding that was previously impossible to imagine — and they are thrilled to be able to sustain the resulting inner peace and fulfillment despite difficulty in their lives. They often report that through the mentoring process, sometimes miracles appear. Often the miracle involves an unanticipated improvement in their situation, and other times it is an internal shift in perspective that makes their life circumstances easier to appreciate. Participants often report that their inner shift was so profound that they can actually see value in the crisis that they endured.

It is our intention to open our arms wide and to offer a safe harbor and guidance for inner explorations that can point the way to a clear path ahead. And to create a community of like-minded, and spiritually focused individuals, who seek to find joy and fulfillment even when life is stressful.

In Love and Light,
Trevor and Sharon Hart

The Hart Wisdom Family

An awakened family, Trevor, Sharon and son, Jaison Hart, work as a unique spiritual mentoring team to inspire hope. They co-create with their community of students, The Hart Wisdom Family, a welcoming community for learning how to flow with change on a practical level, while simultaneously maintaining an inner eye on the Divine.

Together they serve humanity with spiritual mentoring and divinely guided healing techniques, whilst parenting their incredibly gifted autistic playwright son, Jaison. Their marriage of over 35 years is a Divine partnership based on a deep commitment to awaken together. It’s easy to see why others are inspired to emulate their conscious marriage.

It is a rare opportunity to work with not one, but two spiritual mentors, who live the principles they teach and work as a team. Their living example and clear teaching method gives participants courage to leap beyond uncertainty. It also allows participants to discover a clear path to inner strength and heart wisdom.

The Harts are uniquely positioned to assist humanity with healing the divide, which appears in our nation and the world at this critical time. Their unique gifts combined show us all how to shift paradigms from an old-world view towards the next step in human evolution.

Trevor and Sharon have served hundreds of clients through private and group sessions, transformational courses and healers’ training programs.

The Hart Family mission is to help individuals and communities gain happiness, spiritual connection, heart wisdom and inner peace in times of change, no matter what.

Learn more About Us

Sharon Hart

Quantum Dialogue WorksTM created by Sharon Hart, M.A., O.M. is a unique approach to healing psycho-spiritual and multi-generational wounds.

Jaison Hart

Jaison Hart’s play Dreams of An Autistic Playwright is a fun, uplifting story about how a young man with autism longs to bring TRUE friends into his life. The play had a staged reading at Colorado University.

Trevor Hart

Lightbody EngineeringTM created by Trevor Hart, C.N.T., O.M. is a remote spiritual healing tool that works on a quantum level with subtle body energies to bring about optimal levels of physical health, deep psycho-spiritual insights and stabilization of awakening.

Jere Bierhaus

Sharon and I co-taught relationship and couples classes with Dr. Bruce Fisher, author of Rebuilding, When Your Relationship Ends. It was a wonderful and uplifting experience for both of us to have the privilege of working with the late Dr. Fisher, who was a nationally known leader in the field of divorce and relationships. Sharon is compassionate and perceptive, and she established a wonderful rapport with the people in the class, who easily trusted her with their concerns and feelings. It was fascinating to watch her work with couples, as she tracked the concerns of both individuals and guided them towards the discovery of a mutually satisfying solution.

Jere Bierhaus

President of Fisher Seminars

Sophia SharonAnne

Sharon responds to my emotional confusion with a depth of both spiritual and psychological wisdom that is soothing and very helpful.

Sophia SharonAnne

Barrett C. Brown

My work with Trevor has been phenomenal in terms of how much I’ve changed. I am in deep gratitude to spaces he has opened up. From a practical standpoint, I have much more personal power, a stronger relationship to money (resulting in a huge income jump) and a much deeper ability to leverage high impact with a mainstream audience. I feel that he is a savant with a real gifted genius in combination with a lifetime of very intensive personal work combined with genuine lineage transmissions from the past as well as from what I can only describe as the future as well.

Barrett C. Brown

PhD, Organizational Consultant and Author of "The Future of Leadership for Conscious Capitalism"

Pierce D. Nunley

For those of us who find ourselves (either by choice or by circumstance) on a journey of exploration and self-discovery towards multidimensional realms, Trevor Hart is a gifted guide, facilitator, and mentor. I have worked with Trevor regularly for the past four years. Trevor’s assistance and unique gifted guidance has accelerated my exploration in ways that cannot be put into words. He has an amazing ability to ‘meet you where you are’ in this exploration of either a novice or seasoned traveler. I remain grateful to have Trevor walking by my side on this journey.

Pierce D. Nunley


Sara Levine

The work I have done and am doing with Trevor has been so very significant and positive to my life. It feels very special to be a part of this group work. My overall being feels elevated. Anecdotally, after the first group session alone, my acupuncturist felt my “pulses” at the start of our weekly session and kicked me off the table. That had never happened before. Being a part of the group session has been a real blessing in my life.

Sara Levine

Katie Teague

Cosmic shaman meets the practical mystic. This is Trevor Hart. His knowledge and access to the unseen realms and dimensions is breathtaking. His intimate understanding of the lightbody and our collective emergent edge is rare and awesome. And better yet, the protocols and methodologies he has developed to work multidimensionally with others in service of the healing and awakening of humanity is a profound gift to us all.

Katie Teague

Independent Filmmaker


That you hear so clearly and are willing to be taken by TRUTH entirely is evident in your words (the vibration of Them) as well as in your work with others….What grace for those who come to you.


Marin County, California

Sally Carruthers

I have had numerous sessions with Sharon over the years. She brings a unique blend of spiritual wisdom and practical solutions to relationship issues. When I am at my wit’s end with no idea how to move forward with my relationships, I can count on her to listen closely and quickly point me to the root cause of my confusion. Sharon ‘s guidance always presents me with a whole new, fresh and uplifting perspective. She is amazing.

Sally Carruthers

Ed. D Special Education Consultant & Advocate Louisville, CO

Paul Rubin

Sharon’s caring and interdisciplinary skills showed me how to face powerful emotions, dive straight into them and find the joy and connectedness hiding beneath them. Her honesty and integrity helps to create a safe environment in which to explore hidden avenues within the soul. If you have always sensed something deeper in life, dreamed of a life with more richness and love, please find the courage to seek Sharon’s wisdom.

Paul Rubin

Gunbarrel, Co.