Meet The Hart’s as a Couple

Wisdom from a Divine Partnership

When hard times arrived at the Hart’s door, they used the inevitable conflicts as a crucible for encouraging one another to make leaps in psycho-spiritual growth. As a couple, they guided one another in a process, which washed clean the ancestral multi-cultural and multi-generational wound that they both inevitably brought to the relationship. As this process of supporting one another’s psycho-spiritual growth matured, their ability to find mutual satisfying solutions grew exponentially. Over the years they have each been a gift of spiritual realization to the other.

Trevor and SharonTrevor and Sharon each developed a new form of spiritual healing. Trevor created LightBody Engineering™ and Sharon created Quantum Dialogue Works™. Over the past five years, their marriage and their work has entered the co-creative phase, and now they teach together as equals. HartWisdom is a union of the best of what they both have to offer. Given that their combined experience is over 70 years, HartWisdom in all its many facets is a gift to behold.

The Hart’s have two grown sons – Jaison and Kyle. Kyle is off on his
adventures, and Jaison, their non-verbal son, lives at home. In the past few years, Trevor and Sharon have realized that Jaison deserves a place beside them as a spiritual mentor in his own right. Thus, he joins the HartWisdom team offering his heart wisdom to you in conjunction with what Trevor and Sharon provide.

Sharon Hart

Quantum Dialogue WorksTM created by Sharon Hart, M.A., O.M. is a unique approach to healing psycho-spiritual and multi-generational wounds.

Trevor Hart

Lightbody EngineeringTM created by Trevor Hart,C.N.T., O.M. is a remote spiritual healing tool that works on a quantum level with subtle body energies to bring about optimal levels of physical health, deep psycho-spiritual insights and stabilization of awakening.