Global Awakening

Our Current Global Dilemma

Things that we didn’t think could happen, keep happening.

So much is changing, it’s unbelievable.

How we find clarity and direction when the unknown seems to confront us at every turn.

Perhaps, the real reason for this global turmoil is that the time has come for humanity to come out of denial about its shadow side.

Spiritual Journey Quote

For most of us, our spiritual journey began with some kind of challenging event, like a divorce, or an illness or a job loss. Perhaps, all these chaotic global events are offering humanity a similar opportunity for spiritual growth.

It might help to look at it this way. Our collective global shadow holds multigenerational, multi-cultural, multi-racial wounds that have happened on this planet for eons. What’s happening now is that humanity is on the cusp of healing these collective wounds. The potential is for all this pain to be brought to light for healing.

The good news is that you can make a difference!

As you heal yourself and your personal shadow, you pave the way to heal the collective shadow. By continuing to make progress with your own inner growth, and especially by focusing on healing your own ancestral multigenerational wound you can contribute greatly to healing what’s wrong with our world.

Going through this transition is not easy for any of us, but when you understand that the tough times, we are going through can also be a time of great liberation for humanity, it makes it a little easier to cope with all this momentous change.

What’s really exciting is that when we gather together in spiritual mentoring groups, the power of the group amplifies the healing for all of humanity! In this way, we can accelerate humanity’s awakening.

That’s what the Hart Wisdom Community is all about!

This video is a work of art discussing what is needed for humanity to make a transition from the world of chaos, conflict and confusion that we live in today, to the world of cooperation, compassion and unity that our hearts long for. In order for humanity to make this transition, we need to make a leap in consciousness whereby we connect more deeply to the heart and also to our realization of our essential connection to Universal Awareness. We decided to share this video with you because each and every HartWisdom Mentoring Group is designed to assist you in taking the next evolutionary step. Enjoy this uplifting 8 minute masterpiece.

A Planet-Wide Evolution of Consciousness

In the first quarter of the twenty-first century, we are witnessing a planet-wide evolution of human consciousness. And as time passes, change seems to be intensifying. Although this is often difficult for us on a personal level, on a global level it means more and more people are waking up. The more people who wake up, the closer we are to a more enlightened future for all of humanity.

As much as we might like this to be an easy transition, it seems that as we make this evolutionary leap, our world is going through its own labor pains. As the ripples of global change expand, our personal lives are affected in different ways. Some of us experience health or relationship issues, while other people are affected by environmental concerns, and still other people are impacted by economic concerns.

The intensity of the uncertainty we are facing as individuals can vary from mild to extreme, depending on many internal and external factors. But whatever the size or shape or degree of challenge you’re facing, it is possible for you to find inner guidance, strength and peace.

These Inner Peace In Times of Uncertainty Mentoring Groups are an invitation to all who are seeking a clear path and more peace during times of uncertainty. Whether you are new to the spiritual path or have been on a spiritual journey for decades, we hope that you will join us in this group experience that explores our core teachings.

Our clients tell us that through the Inner Peace In Times of Uncertainty Mentoring Groups, they open to deeper understanding that was previously impossible to imagine — and they are thrilled to be able to sustain the resulting inner peace and fulfillment despite difficulty in their lives. They often report that through the mentoring process, sometimes miracles appear. Often the miracle involves an unanticipated improvement in their situation, and other times it is an internal shift in perspective that makes their life circumstances easier to appreciate. Participants often report that their inner shift was so profound that they can actually see value in the crisis that they endured.

It is our intention to open our arms wide and to offer a safe harbor and guidance for inner explorations that can point the way to a clear path ahead. And to create a community of like-minded, and spiritually focused individuals, who seek to find joy and fulfillment even when life is stressful.

In Love and Light,
Trevor and Sharon Hart

Inner Peace in the Midst of Unexpected Global Change

Inner Peace in Times of Uncertainty Program

Inner Peace in the Midst of Unexpected Global Change

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