Trevor Hart’s Private Sessions

Trevor HartTrevor is usually booked four months in advance. However, from time to time, openings do occur and it is well worth it to get on the waitlist. The best way to get to the top of the waitlist is to be enrolled in one of our spiritual mentoring groups (see home page for details). Being enrolled in these groups will provide you with support until we can fit you into the private session schedule. We do our best to offer group participants at least one session during each four-month booking cycle, sometimes more.

What Happens in a Private Session

In one-on-one sessions, you begin by telling Trevor why you sought him out. You can work with him on physical health concerns, business issues, and/or spiritual issues. After clients share their issues during a private session, Trevor enters a deep state of awareness where he uses micro-clairvoyance and his ability to interface with the Organizing Intelligence to get a more clear picture of what is happening in the individual’s lightbody. Trevor always explains that the only value in what is revealed about your condition is what resonates with your ‘Heart Intelligence” rather than with your mind. Through this process, Trevor and the Organizing Intelligence work together to uncover answers to questions that very often elude other attempts at clarity.

But that is just the starting point

During your individual session, Trevor brings spiritual intuition, insight, wisdom, knowledge of human biology and quantum physics, and combines it with his exquisite understanding of the subtle energy fields including Chi system, chakras, and other energy modalities. When your LightBody comes into balance and there is harmony in the mental, psychological and spiritual realms of being, it creates optimal conditions for your body to heal itself and for the soul to soar. Time and time again, Trevor’s work has brought about a spontaneous increase in health that can happen over time and can only be explained as miraculous.

There are no minimum sessions but most clients often work with Trevor in 6-30 sessions. It all depends on your situation.

Request Private Sessions

If you are interested in working with Trevor one-on-one, please request to be added to his waiting list by clicking the button below.