Meet Trevor Hart

Trevor Hart is a wise sage, spiritual teacher, and healer, who has a rare and extraordinary gift for listening deeply into the heart of those who come to him. His presence brings a profound sense of peace, allowing clients to explore the deepest regions of their soul for insight and wisdom. Through this process, clients report improvement in the quality of their spiritual world, businesses, and health.

Many years ago, Trevor entered a state of deep meditation and received guidance from The Organizing Intelligence (OI) – Trevor’s name for God or the consciousness underlying our universe that he affectionately calls the OI. He was instructed by the OI that by working on the subtle body of individuals, he could relieve much human suffering. This work has proven true, and has evolved into a new field of human endeavor called LightBody Engineering™.

As a pre-med student at The University of Northern Colorado, Trevor became quite familiar with human anatomy and physiology. The OI told Trevor that his knowledge of human biology in combination with his scientific study of quantum physics would come together into a new field of human endeavor that would change lives for the better.

Trevor continues to receive guidance from The Organizing Intelligence almost daily concerning the implementation of new protocols for bringing harmony and balance to the subtle and causal bodies. He was also given the ability to see geometric patterns that can be “downloaded” as protocols into the energy field of clients to optimize functioning on all levels.

LightBody Engineering™ is a living methodology that continues to benefit many people, including those who have nowhere else to turn. Many people report that LightBody Engineering™ has made their lives ‘whole’ again, and in many cases has brought a spontaneous increase in health, well-being, and success that can only be explained as miraculous.

A Personal Message from Trevor

The unique gift that I bring to the world chose me, not the other way around. But then I think that’s how you know you’re on your “Path of Power.” Something a lot bigger than you recruits you. You might be able to resist it for a while (I did), but in the end you realize that you must surrender. You can survive doing something else, but you cannot thrive that way.

So what is this unique thing that I do that gets talked about so much? I work with people all over the U.S. and in 14 other countries and counting, and I do little or no promotion. I have never posted anything about LightBody Engineering™ on the internet until recently.

I have conversations with what I refer to as the Organizing Intelligence. In these conversations, I am guided in using interactive terminals of the one, all-pervasive, underlying ground of Pure Being that ultimately is the only thing that truly exists.

When I work with clients, I put inquiries into the “interface terminal” of the Organizing Intelligence and I ask them to listen with their heart intelligence rather than with their minds. The value in what the Organizing Intelligence reveals is what resonates with our hearts. Then an amazing thing happens! As clients begin to understand the process, they start asking questions of the Organizing Intelligence (through me) and we begin having a three-way conversation! In this way, we find answers to questions that very often have eluded all other attempts at clarity. Thus, LightBody Engineering™ continues to grow and evolve with ever more effective interventions that bring profound changes to the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical realms.

It is now abundantly clear that LightBody Engineering™ has the power to correct imbalances and replace disharmony with ease. A beautifully complex system of networks has been mapped out conveying information through subatomic geometric forms that can be used to correct mis-alignments in the subtle plane of human beings.

Using this technique, your lightbody can transform and become a super functional lightbody. A super functional lightbody magnetizes a substantial improvement in your body’s ability to heal and function optimally.

Again and again people ask me if I can do my work not just with individuals in private session, but also with groups, so that more people can gain access to what I do. Several years ago, I began work on just such an endeavor.

In January 2015, the Organizing Intelligence began to lay out a whole new aspect of the LightBody Engineering™ work. The Organizing Intelligence clearly wants this message delivered in a group format, because the group dynamic can be a very powerful catalyzing agent that can enhance everyone’s results. I would love for you to join us for this incredible one-of-a kind group experience.

So, that is the whole truth of who I am and how I got here. I honestly don’t know why the Organizing Intelligence chose me. I’m the same as all of you. One day a voice inside me (that clearly wasn’t the usual chatter) said, “I need a test pilot for what’s going to be a really wild ride. Are you up for it?” I’m guessing the Organizing Intelligence knows I used to ski down mountain slopes in Colorado at speeds exceeding 60 miles an hour, so it knew that I love adventure and I’m not afraid to consider any possibility, no matter how unconventional.

In fact, I suppose I’m bucking the conventional bio by writing this “Message from Trevor” instead. But I hope you just might feel a resonance that invites you to co-create this journey with me.

With much love,
Trevor Hart