Meet Sharon Hart

Sharon Hart, M.A. is an author, spiritual mentor, life coach and ordained minister who has a phenomenal gift for encouraging her clients to perceive the world from a place of inner peace, freedom, and joy–no matter what is happening in their lives. Even though Sharon received a Masters Degree from Boulder College in transpersonal psychotherapy, she chooses to focus her practice on her unique approach to spiritual mentoring/coaching that she calls Quantum Dialogue Works™ (QDW).

Sharon is the co-author with her son Jaison Hart, of a soon-to-be-released book entitled More Than You Hoped For: The Unexpected Joy of Raising an Autistic Playwright. There are two interwoven stories in this book. It is a non-fiction narrative depicting the true story of how raising an autistic son became the catalyst to propel a mother to deeper and deeper spiritual realization. The book also contains the story of how a non-verbal boy eventually learned to type his thoughts and write a play.

The play written by Jaison Hart is entitled Dreams of an Autistic Playwright. It tells the story of his day to day home life and his dream life with fairytale characters, who teach him about friendship. The play received a stage reading at Colorado University, and has since been performed in Denver. It is Jaison’s hope that his play and this book inspire people to make true and lasting friendships with people on the autism spectrum. It is Sharon’s desire that the book inspire people facing challenging times in their lives with hope.

“Sharon is a spiritual transmission teacher in her own right, and she has been a gift of awakening for me. I am certain that the wisdom you will receive when you work with her will be extremely valuable.”
~Trevor Hart