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Inner Peace in the Midst of Unexpected Global Change

What to do when you can’t believe what’s happening in the world

Inner Peace in the Midst of Unexpected Global Change

Discovering the Uncommon Path to Inner Peace

What to do when Times are Tough and You Feel Hopeless

Discovering the Uncommon Path to Inner Peace

Awakening Together in Times of Uncertainty

What to do when your relationship is struggling with uncertainty

Awakening Together in Times of Uncertainty

Healing the Multi-Generational Wound

Heal Yourself and Accelerate Humanity’s Awakening

Spiritual Mentoring Group 1

What to do when you can’t believe what’s happening in the worldInner Peace in the Midst of Unexpected Global Change

Inner Peace in the Midst of Unexpected Global Change

Most of us feel overwhelmed and confused by what is happening in the world today. Things are not happening the way we thought things were going to happen.

We make plans on a personal or business level, and suddenly the waves of change that are happening on a global level knock our plans down. We don’t know what it’s going to take to get from where we are to where we want to go. We used to know. We used to be able to predict outcomes. Sometimes we still think we can. And then out of nowhere something happens on a larger scale, and we keep having to adjust our plans again and again. We understandably feel worn out and frustrated.

It’s like the world view we hold in our minds isn’t jiving with what we actually see happening in the world around us. The paradigms we have constructed are no longer reliable. And at the moment, we seem to have no way to construct a new world view, because things are changing too fast.

Without predictability we feel adrift. And when this happens over and over, we come face to face with our fear of the unknown.

Fear is a planet-wide disease that we have not been willing to face. When we don’t face it, we create bigger and bigger problems. We intuitively know that the problems have become big enough now that the time for running away from fear is over.

We have the opportunity to find inner peace even in the midst of fear.

The good news is that we can do this. It’s not as hard as it seems.

Fear looks like a monster, but when you turn and face fear directly, it melts into spaciousness. And the spaciousness turns into peace.

We can each make a difference by finding inner peace within our own hearts.

We are not powerless to effect change. We are all in this together.

Humanity is going through a global dark night of the soul. We are being asked to make a huge leap in understanding about who we really are. Now, the journey of introspection and self-realization that we have been going through as individuals is happening on a global scale.

When humanity makes it through this global spiritual emergence, it will be a glorious time for all of us.

If you can’t believe what’s happening in the world and you want to find inner peace in the midst of global upheaval! We would love to have you join us in this spiritual mentoring group.

Sessions for this group are ongoing and held

Alternate Monday nights

7:30–9:00 pm ET
4.306:00 pm PT
twice a month
(except holidays)

When you are accepted to the program, you will be given the dates for the next 12 group sessions.

When encountering times of uncertainty, there are no simple answers.
All you really know is that something significant has changed in your life.

WHAT IF there is a way to find a moments peace, even when you feel overwhelmed with all the changes that are happening around you?
WHAT IF there is a way to connect to guidance within your own heart that can clearly reveal the best way to proceed, even when you are facing the unknown?
WHAT IF inner strength begins with opening the heart–even when the usual impulse is to close it?

The Harts Talk About ‘Inner Strength in Times of Uncertainty’ (Part 2)

Spiritual Mentoring Group 2

Inner Peace When Times are ToughWhat to do when Times are Tough and You Feel Hopeless

Discovering the Uncommon Path to Inner Peace

When times are tough, it’s not uncommon to feel like no matter what decision you make, you’re just never going to be happy again. You keep doing everything you can to avoid the feeling of hopelessness, but you keep finding yourself sitting with an emptiness that just won’t go away.

When life gets hard, you have a choice. You can either let the situation diminish you or you can let it bring out the best in you.

“In other words, you can either spend your life caught in hopelessness or you can have the courage to walk right into the place in your heart that is heavy. And in that act of courage lies the possibility of discovering inner peace.”
~Sharon and Trevor Hart

How do you choose the high road?


You choose the Uncommon Path to Happiness and Inner Peace!

The common path to happiness is to attain happiness through wealth, power, accomplishment, romantic involvements, social position, possessions and travel. The idea is to get happiness from events that happen in your life. But when life gets tough, the common path to happiness often gets blocked. That’s when hopelessness sets in.

Maybe you have meditated in the past, but when you try to meditate lately it doesn’t seem to work like it used to. That’s because during times of uncertainty there is an increase in the intensity of feelings like grief, fear and frustration. The intensity of what you are feeling can seem to make meditation inaccessible.

There is a way to use the challenges you are currently facing as a catalyst to finding happiness and inner peace. There is a way to increase the magnifying power of your awareness, so that you can look upon your feelings with precision and see that feelings are not as terrifying as you thought they were. When you look at feelings with this kind of precision, a most amazing thing happens. The feelings open to reveal an exquisite spaciousness. It’s thrilling to realize that this spaciousness is actually inner peace. In this way, it is possible to deepen meditation even in times of uncertainty.  

It doesn’t have to take years or decades for this to happen – it can happen in an instant!

Do you want to keep falling into hopelessness or do you want to learn how to let challenging times bring out the best in you? It’s time to choose! We hope you decide to sign up for this spiritual mentoring group.

Sessions for this group are ongoing and held

Alternate Thursday nights

7:30–9:00 pm ET
4.306:00 pm PT
twice a month
(except holidays)

When you are accepted to the program, you will be given the dates for the next 12 group sessions.

When you wake up in the morning feeling that all is not as it should be – in your personal life or in the world itself –  then these spiritual mentoring groups are for you. Our work cuts through confusion created by difficult times and opens the way to find deeper peace and certainty.

Spiritual Mentoring Group 3

AwakeningTogether-TimesOfUncertaintyWhat to do when your relationship is struggling with uncertainty

Awakening Together in Times of Uncertainty

Where do you start to rekindle your relationship after a challenging event brings underlying issues to the surface?

Instead of being afraid that you’re losing your marriage, think about what you’re up against like it’s an incredible adventure that you and your partner are embarking on. Adventures have dangerous moments, but they also have exciting moments, and precious moments.

Most people don’t realize that there is an inner journey a couple can take, where these difficult times become the fertile ground for developing a deeper sense of trust in each other. These difficulties present many opportunities to learn more about yourselves and each other. And when you master the lessons your relationship is teaching you both, then you and your partner can learn how to bring the best out in each other. And as a result, you can grow closer and develop more intimacy.

“Awakening Together is about seeing the Divine in your partner’s eyes, not just during the romantic stage, but years, even decades later.”
~Sharon and Trevor Hart

Sessions for this group are ongoing and held

Alternate Monday nights

7:30–9:00 pm ET
4.306:00 pm PT
twice a month
(except holidays)

When you are accepted to the program, you will be given the dates for the next 12 group sessions.

Spiritual Mentoring Group 4

InnerPeace Healing the Multi-Generational WoundHealing the Multi-Generational Wound

Heal Yourself and Accelerating Humanity’s Awakening

It’s usually not long after you begin working on your psycho-spiritual healing that it becomes clear that there is a portion of your wound that can be traced back to your childhood. As you continue working on your psycho-spiritual blocks, something unexpected and mysterious occurs. You begin to see how these psycho-spiritual wounds originated from unhealed pain that was unintentionally passed down to you from your parents, your grandparents, your great grandparents and so on back through your ancestry.

Through some amazing holographic thread that runs through humanity, you become aware that as you work through psycho-spiritual wounds in your life, you are also contributing to the healing of this multi-generational ancestral pain. As you work through your own psycho-spiritual wounds, you are contributing to healing that extends to people who are experiencing similar ancestral and cultural wounds.

When you realize this, you can consciously choose to address these multi-generational and cultural wounds. Then, your work on yourself becomes an acupuncture point for global healing.

It’s as if you are not just doing the work for yourself, you are making a major contribution to unwinding the knot of human suffering on a global scale. As you do the work on a particular psycho-spiritual issue, without effort and quite spontaneously, you forge a path that makes it easier for the next person to follow in your footsteps. It’s as if a psycho-spiritual interface is created where your own work on yourself can stimulate a corresponding healing on a global level on the same issue.

For example, if you were abandoned by a parent as a child, and you untangle that knot of pain, then it makes it easier and easier for other people who were also abandoned by a parent to untangle the pain they feel. This happens remotely without you ever having to meet or intentionally assist them with their healing. In this way, work on the collective shadow accelerates healing on a global scale for all of humanity.

Never before in human history has it been possible to bring conscious awareness, and psycho-spiritual wisdom to the collective shadow as we can today. We are the first generation to have this opportunity to support humanity’s healing. Now, by working on our own healing, we can contribute to healing multi-generational, multicultural, and interracial wounds at a deep collective unconscious level.

As we heal, we begin to let go of aspects of ourselves that formed before our birth in the recesses of bygone eras. We release parts of our personalities that actually were never our own, but rather were made up of collective shadows. As these false identities drop away, we are freer than ever before to explore who we really are. This opens the possibility of stabilizing awakening, so that you can live more and more of your life in peace, joy and inner fulfillment.

This advanced spiritual mentoring group will give you the opportunity to learn more about how to heal the multi-generational wounds in your life. And as you heal your unique challenges, you will also be contributing to accelerating humanity’s awakening. Don’t miss this awesome chance to make a difference!

Sessions for this group are ongoing and held

Alternate Thursday nights

7:30–9:00 pm ET
4.306:00 pm PT
twice a month
(except holidays)

When you are accepted to the program, you will be given the dates for the next 12 group sessions.

A Planet-Wide Evolution of Consciousness

In the first quarter of the twenty-first century, we are witnessing a planet-wide evolution of human consciousness. As time passes, change seems to be intensifying. Although this is often difficult for us on a personal level, on a global level it means more and more people are waking up. The more people who wake up, the closer we are to a more enlightened future for all of humanity.

As much as we might like this to be an easy transition, it seems that as we make this evolutionary leap, our world is going through its own labor pains. As the ripples of global changes expand, our personal lives are affected in different ways. Some of us experience health or relationship issues, while other people are affected by environmental concerns, and still other people are impacted by economic concerns.

The intensity of the uncertainty we are facing as individuals can vary, from mild to extreme, depending on many internal and external factors. But whatever the size or shape or degree of challenge you’re facing, it is possible for you to find inner guidance, strength and peace.

These Inner Peace – No Matter What Spiritual Mentoring Groups are an invitation to all, who are seeking a clear path and more peace during times of uncertainty. Whether you are new to the spiritual path or have been on a spiritual journey for decades, we hope that you will join us in this group experience that explores our core teachings.

Our clients tell us that through the ‘Inner Peace – No Matter What Spiritual Mentoring Groups, they open to deeper understanding that was previously impossible to imagine — and they are thrilled to be able to sustain the resulting inner peace and fulfillment despite difficulty in their lives. They often report that through the mentoring process, sometimes miracles appear. Sometimes the miracle involves an unanticipated improvement in their situation, and other times it is an internal shift in perspective that makes their life circumstances easier to appreciate. Upon completion of the course, students often report that their inner shift was so profound that they can actually see value in the crisis that they endured.

It is our intention to open our arms wide and to offer a safe harbor and guidance for inner explorations that can point the way to a clear path ahead. And to create a community of like-minded, and spiritually focused individuals who seek to find joy and fulfillment even when life is stressful.

In Love and Light,
Trevor and Sharon Hart

“Now, the journey of introspection and self-realization that we have been going through as individuals is happening on a global scale.”
~Sharon Hart

Sharon and Trevor Hart

How Trevor and Sharon moved through times of uncertainty with grace and courage….

Through a series of multiple crises, including raising a child with severe special needs, they have learned both individually and as a team how to flow with change on a practical level, while simultaneously maintaining their inner eye on the Divine. They used their challenges as a catalyst to deeper awakening. And they developed the Inner Peace – No Matter What Spiritual Mentoring Groups as an outgrowth from the inner strength and heart wisdom that they learned along the way. This program in many ways is the symbol of their co-creative and ever-expanding marriage.

Sharon and Trevor are spiritual wisdom teachers who have mastered uncertainty and challenge in their own lives. After teaching hundreds of students to negotiate difficult times, you can be sure that they will understand what you are up against. Their living example and clear teaching method gives participants courage to leap beyond uncertainty to discover a clear path to inner strength and heart wisdom.

Learn More About Us

How Trevor and Sharon Work Together

Trevor and Sharon will be co-facilitating these spiritual mentoring groups offering different, but very complementary approaches. Their marriage of over 35 years is a Divine partnership based on a deep commitment to awakening and a gift to students.

Sharon’s Quantum Dialogue Works™ accesses the layer of the holographic mind that can literally and instantaneously liberate one from the knots of psychological suffering by switching identification from “personhood” to the holographic wholeness that we all are.

Trevor’s LightBody Engineering™ ignites a process within your body and your energy system to clear blocks that might be hindering you from your spiritual progress.

What is an on-going spiritual mentoring group?

Would you like to immerse yourself in a potent, on-going spiritual mentoring experience, where you can ask your deepest spiritual questions?

Our Spiritual Mentoring Groups Offer you a Blend of Personal Attention and the Power of Group Synergy

Why spiritual mentoring groups?

In the process of creating courses over the last several years, it became obvious to us that the depth, and especially the breadth, of the wisdom that Sharon and Trevor have to share with us is extensive. It is simply too vast to capture in a course format, and so the idea of offering spiritual mentoring groups was born.

What happens in a spiritual mentoring group?

These Spiritual Mentoring Groups are structured around your present moment experience; this allows Trevor and Sharon to fine-tune the wisdom teachings to specific concerns you have. These groups are small and intimate, so that there is plenty of time for one-on-one support or “mini-sessions” with Trevor or Sharon.

When you ask a question in the group, a sacred space is created in which Trevor or Sharon take you on an inward spiritual journey. This offers you many of the benefits of working with Trevor or Sharon in a private session at a lower cost.

Why are these mentoring groups focused on a topic?

By focusing the mentoring groups on a particular topic, it’s easier for members of the group to benefit from the questions presented by other participants.

What are the benefits of doing this work in a group?

One of the great benefits of working with a spiritual mentoring group is the synergistic awareness that forms within the group. This group consciousness works on a subtle level to gently empower your work in the “mini-sessions”. In addition, as group members begin to know one another through the work, a strong sense of community develops.

Ongoing Groups Starting Now

How often do these mentoring groups meet?

Each month you receive two online, audio only group sessions, with each session lasting an hour and half to two hours. 

What do you mean by on-going? Can I stay in the group after the initial 6 sessions are over?

Yes! Our groups are ongoing, allowing the group members to continue the spiritual mentoring experience as long as they want. When you join a group, we ask for a three-month commitment, because we know that it takes most people 6 sessions to have a full sense of how this work can be of benefit to them. After the initial six group sessions, you can rejoin the group with as many additional two-month commitments as you would like.

How big a commitment of time do I need to make?

There is no set curriculum in this spiritual mentoring format, thus beyond the actual meeting time there is no additional time commitment – no homework or teaching videos to review.

Will there be recordings of each mentoring group session?

We will not be providing recordings of the sessions for participants for multiple reasons. One being of privacy concerns of group members, as well as we feel that it is very important for you to attend each session in person. We, however, reserve the right to record any group session for our own use.

Will I really have an opportunity to work directly with Sharon and Trevor? How many people will be in the group?

Yes! Unlike many spiritual programs, which enroll hundreds of participants, we are making a conscious decision to keep our groups small. We keep enrollment to a level, where there is plenty of time for people to ask questions and take turns in mini-sessions. We will work directly with at least three to five people, who want to ask a question during each session. If you want to just come and listen that is also an option.

I have been told by other people that you have a very long waitlist. Is it possible to get a private session with Trevor and Sharon?

When you participate in any of our groups, you go to the top of the waitlist for private sessions.

I am very interested in experiencing the LightBody Engineering protocols. Will Trevor be providing any LBE protocols during the groups?

There will be occasions, when Trevor will offer transmissions from the Organizing Intelligence that are downloaded to everyone during group sessions. Trevor will provide this support as often as possible, but it will not happen during every session.

I know Trevor’s practice is very full. Will Trevor be attending every session?

There will be times when Trevor will not be able to attend the group sessions, because of previous engagements and when that happens, Sharon will be leading that particular group session herself.

Possible Topics

Depending on the group’s needs, during each session we will be talking about different subjects,
but below are some examples of the kinds of topics that we will be including.

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Beyond the Uncertainty Factor

Life has a rhythm, and it includes both times of stability and times of uncertainty. When uncertainty arrives like an unwanted guest, the usual response is to pull inward, distract yourself, and think positive thoughts.

What you really need in times of uncertainty is clarity and courage. You want to determine what are the steps you can take to move from fear to Heart Wisdom.

Do you remember a time when synchronicity showed you that life had hidden delightful mysteries? Or perhaps you remember a time when the veils of ordinary life peeled back to reveal a glow within that was indescribable and sublime?

The path to clarity and courage begins when you harness the healing power found in these moments of spiritual opening. It’s not as difficult as you might think to do this. And not surprisingly what you find is that the fear melts away it reveals the pure clarity and true strength you desire. You don’t have to create clarity and strength with your willpower, the answer is waiting for you in your own heart.

This topic will help you understand the nature of uncertainty more deeply, We will introduce you practices that release you from the vicious cycle of the spinning mind and connect directly with your heart’s wisdom.

LightBody Engineering™: Accessing Clear Inner Guidance

In those first moments of realization of Source, you might have become aware of an “Organizing Intelligence” that knows what can’t be known with the mind. Light Body Engineering can assist you in accessing the “Organizing Intelligence” using sacred geometric downloads and protocols.

Light Body Engineering™ can also show you how to connect to an inner sense, a subtle visceral experience within you that has the power to help you more accurately comprehend what the Organizing Intelligence is trying to communicate to you.

Enormous Reservoirs of Inner Strength

Where does inner strength come from and how do we access it?

Inner strength isn’t about bracing ourselves with raw willpower into making things happen the way we want them to happen or the way we think they should happen.  Inner strength is about having the courage to be with what IS happening.

When we approach uncertainty with open heart inquiry it can lead to a powerful flow of compassion for everyone involved- including yourself.  This open-hearted inquiry reveals a well-spring of inner strength. Once we access this enormous reservoir of inner strength, we find that unexpected solutions arise for problems that previously seemed unresolvable.

This topic shows you how to move through times of challenge, not just with determination and willpower, but also with compassion, openness, and wisdom.

The Eye of the Hurricane

How do you find inner peace and clarity during times of uncertainty?

At the center of a hurricane you would think that the storm would intensify, but the opposite is true. At the very center of the hurricane everything becomes still; the thunder and rain stop, the wind calms, and the sun even comes out. This weather phenomenon is difficult for the mind to grasp.

Similarly, if an emotion (like fear, anger or sadness) is strong, you would think that if you go deeper into the feeling it would just get more and more intense.

But if you bring pure awareness and a quiet mind to an emotional experience,  what you find is not what you expect to find. What you find is inner peace and clarity!!

Yes, even during confusion and dissonance, it’s possible for the veils of ordinary life to peel back revealing the indescribable glow of inner peace and crystal clear guidance.

This phenomenon is also not easy for the mind to grasp. It’s something you must experience for yourself.

The Wise Nurturer: Accessing Heart Wisdom

When you reach a point in your life when uncertainty has you confused about available options or what decision to make, you might hear a gentle whisper to look within for spiritual guidance. If you heed this call and begin the search for inner guidance at first you might come up empty-handed. What do you do when this happens?

Begin with having the courage to notice that what you found instead of inner guidance was conflicting emotions around not knowing what to do. Learning how to work with these emotions in a conscious way opens the door to accessing that part of one’s self that knows how to provide wisdom and nurturance. This is a critical step in the development of accessing inner guidance directly from Source.

This topic supports you learning how to sit with those emotions and let them unfold in a quiet organic way that can lead to discovering inner wisdom.

Two Ways to Uncover Inner Strength: Melting and Unwinding

Sometimes when we look at an emotional block to discovering inner strength we are able to penetrate it with awareness and a quiet mind and melt the emotions until they open, and we discover inner peace. But at other times when we approach blocks they are more like a knotted ball of yarn that needs to be unwound. Unwinding begins with awareness of how childhood wounds can block access to heart wisdom.
This topic explores the tendency to judge and criticize ourselves harshly, by exploring the inner critic voice within. By understanding the working of the psyche, we are free to leap out of old patterns and come once again to the place where feelings melt into peace.

Daring to Fly – The Value of Uncertainty

First, you’re certain of your course, and then something happens and there is a shift. Navigating that shift is like a trapeze artist letting go of the trapeze and soaring forward into the unknown. We don’t want to face the emptiness that arrives when our fingers slip off the first bar and before we manage to grip on the next bar.  However, a great spiritual opportunity becomes available when we face fear. If you learn how to swing with your heart open, instead of closed, it opens the possibility of a shift that is in alignment with the Highest Good.

Soaring with your heart open creates a cushion of trust, and instead of being scared when you leap, you can become invigorated with the prospect. Learning to move towards the unknown with courage and compassion brings us to the threshold of profound spiritual awakening.  If we approach emptiness with curiosity, courage and openness, we do not find what we expect. We expect that emptiness is empty and nothing will fill it. But what actually happens is that in the silence at the core of emptiness, we find what we long for most in life. We find that emptiness is full of warmth, and peace,  joy and truth, fulfillment and freedom.

Daring to fly into the unknown can bring unexpected wisdom.

Beyond Uncertainty – When Silence is the Answer

In this topic, we will explore what doesn’t change in the midst of uncertainty. Both certainty and uncertainty arise from Source and return to Source.  It is here, in the yet unmanifested or unborn state of open expansiveness, that ideas come from. And it is here in this same expansiveness that ideas melt away and dissolve.  This infinite expanse is full of life, peace, joy, and love. This doesn’t change. It is beyond uncertainty.  

Many times, when we ask for Divine guidance what happens is that instead of clarity, we get silence.  We interpret this silence to mean that we are not being given an answer, or that it is a refusal. But what if it’s not a refusal?  What if a great answer lies within the silence?

Not an answer in words, but a direct experience that answers the deepest callings of your heart. Instead of dismissing this silence, courageously turn towards it. Just sit with the silence and approach it as if the silence itself contains the answer.

If you don’t understand these words with your mind, don’t be concerned. Listen to your heart instead and if you still don’t understand, then ask us during a group session.

What the Inner Peace – No Matter Program will give you

Divine guidance within your own heart and more certainty about your decisions
Inner strength that rises from the core of your being
Paradigm shifts from “fear of the unknown” to seeing “doorways to peace”
Realizations that at the core of your life is an open expanse of love that you can trust
Creative inspiration that can expand and open more possibilities for an abundant future

Choose the Spiritual Mentoring Group that’s right for you!

Inner Peace in the Midst of Unexpected Global Change

What to do when you can’t believe what’s happening in the world

Inner Peace in the Midst of Unexpected Global Change

Discovering the Uncommon Path to Inner Peace

What to do when Times are Tough and You Feel Hopeless

Discovering the Uncommon Path to Inner Peace

Awakening Together in Times of Uncertainty

What to do when your relationship is struggling with uncertainty

Awakening Together in Times of Uncertainty

Healing the Multi-Generational Wound

Heal Yourself and Accelerate Humanity’s Awakening

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Investment and FAQs

How do I join a group?

Enrollment occurs on an on-going basis, so you can join any of these groups in progress at any time. 

The first step in joining the group is EASY: just register by filling out the form above and indicate which group you want to join.

No payment is required at time of registration.

Be sure to provide your correct phone number on the registration form, because the next step in the enrollment process is a  short free pre-enrollment call, during which time you can ask any questions you might have about our spiritual mentoring programs. We will also go over the details of our enrollment process with you at that time.

Then, if there is room in the group you are requesting, you will be invited to join the group.

Can I get a private mentoring session with you?

Prior to enrolling, it is sometimes helpful to have one or more private one hour sessions with Sharon for the purpose of deciding to join the group.

This is especially helpful to couples in order to get both partners on board for the adventure.

If you and/or your partner would like to take advantage of this opportunity then email Sharon at [email protected] for more information. Space is limited.

Enrolling in private sessions during the initial enrollment period does not guarantee that you will become an on-going private client.

How much does it cost to enroll?

You register for the groups in packages. The initial package is for 6 sessions (3-month). After that you can purchase as many 4-session (2-month) packages as you want.

If you are one of the first 8 people to join a group, then your can pay $375 per person for your initial package of 6 sessions via email PayPal invoice.

If you are one of the next 8 people to join, the price for the initial 6 sessions is  $498 per person via email PayPal invoice. 

After the group has 16 members. there will be a price increase to $600 per person for the initial 6 sessions via email PayPal invoice. 

Prices are subject to change at any time. We do not offer refunds.

How much does it cost to continue per person after the first package?

Regardless of when you joined, you can continue purchasing consecutive blocks of four sessions (2-month) packages for as long as you like.

If you are one of the first 8 people to join a group, then after the first six sessions, you can continue in the group for another package of 4 sessions. These 4 sessions cost $248. However, to keep this low price, you need to pay by check and you register within 5 days of completion of your last package of sessions. Otherwise, the price goes up to $400.

If you are one of the next 8 people to join, then after the first six sessions, you can continue in the group for another package of 4 sessions. These 4 sessions cost $332. However, to keep this low price you need to  pay by check and you register within 5 days of completion of your last package of sessions. Otherwise, the price goes up to $484.

If you enroll after the group has 16 members. then after the first six sessions, you can continue in the group for another package of 4 sessions. These 4 sessions cost $400. However, to keep this low price you need to  pay by check and you register within 5 days of completion of your last package of sessions. Otherwise, the price goes up to $552.

Prices are subject to change at any time. We do not offer refunds.

What if my partner and I want to do this together?

If you are a couple, who want to learn these principles together, then we have a special couple’s program for you:  Awakening Together In Times of Uncertainty.

In the near future, we will also be opening three other couple’s group:

Awakening Together In Love (for Couples)

Awakening Together As a Couple: When You or Your Spouse Has a Health Issue

Awakening Together As Parents: When Your Child Has A Health Issue

Are there any special discounts?


  • EARLY BIRD OPTION: The earlier you decide to enroll the lower the price. (See ‘How much does it cost to enroll’ above for details)
  • PAY BY CHECK OPTION: If you choose to pay via check for your initial 6 sessions, the cost is reduced by $50. We prefer payment by check, because we want to minimize people going into debt via credit card to pay for our programs.
  • SPLIT PAYMENT OPTION: We do not offer a split payment online option through Paypal, but if you email us, we will work with you to set up a mutually beneficial payment arrangement using a different payment method.

  • LOW PRICE EXTENSION: We offer our lowest prices for those who choose to pay for the first 6 sessions using the following methods: bitcoin (coming soon), UPMA (available now), other cryptocurrencies (coming soon). This means that it will cost $375 for the first six session no matter when you join the program. This low-price extension continues for as many 4-session blocks as you like. You only pay $248 for each 4-session block as long as you register within 5 days of completion of your last package of sessions. Apply for this low-price extension by sending an email to [email protected] and we will send you payment details.

  • SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM: If you are using PayPal in conjunction with a credit card, we highly advice you speak to us about our partial scholarship program, rather than going into debt to take our course. We also have a generous Partial Scholarships program available to those with financial limitations. Apply by sending an email requesting scholarship details to [email protected].

Still Have Questions? Talk to Trevor or Sharon!

If you still have questions about the program, you can talk directly to either Trevor or Sharon. Please contact us and provide your phone number and some times you are available, and one of them will call you back.

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Jere Bierhaus

Sharon and I co-taught relationship and couples classes with Dr. Bruce Fisher, author of Rebuilding, When Your Relationship Ends. It was a wonderful and uplifting experience for both of us to have the privilege of working with the late Dr. Fisher, who was a nationally known leader in the field of divorce and relationships. Sharon is compassionate and perceptive, and she established a wonderful rapport with the people in the class, who easily trusted her with their concerns and feelings. It was fascinating to watch her work with couples, as she tracked the concerns of both individuals and guided them towards the discovery of a mutually satisfying solution.

Jere Bierhaus

President of Fisher Seminars

Sophia SharonAnne

Sharon responds to my emotional confusion with a depth of both spiritual and psychological wisdom that is soothing and very helpful.

Sophia SharonAnne

Barrett C. Brown

My work with Trevor has been phenomenal in terms of how much I’ve changed. I am in deep gratitude to spaces he has opened up. From a practical standpoint, I have much more personal power, a stronger relationship to money (resulting in a huge income jump) and a much deeper ability to leverage high impact with a mainstream audience. I feel that he is a savant with a real gifted genius in combination with a lifetime of very intensive personal work combined with genuine lineage transmissions from the past as well as from what I can only describe as the future as well.

Barrett C. Brown

PhD, Organizational Consultant and Author of "The Future of Leadership for Conscious Capitalism"

Pierce D. Nunley

For those of us who find ourselves (either by choice or by circumstance) on a journey of exploration and self-discovery towards multidimensional realms, Trevor Hart is a gifted guide, facilitator, and mentor. I have worked with Trevor regularly for the past four years. Trevor’s assistance and unique gifted guidance has accelerated my exploration in ways that cannot be put into words. He has an amazing ability to ‘meet you where you are’ in this exploration of either a novice or seasoned traveler. I remain grateful to have Trevor walking by my side on this journey.

Pierce D. Nunley


Sara Levine

The work I have done and am doing with Trevor has been so very significant and positive to my life. It feels very special to be a part of this group work. My overall being feels elevated. Anecdotally, after the first group session alone, my acupuncturist felt my “pulses” at the start of our weekly session and kicked me off the table. That had never happened before. Being a part of the group session has been a real blessing in my life.

Sara Levine

Katie Teague

Cosmic shaman meets the practical mystic. This is Trevor Hart. His knowledge and access to the unseen realms and dimensions is breathtaking. His intimate understanding of the lightbody and our collective emergent edge is rare and awesome. And better yet, the protocols and methodologies he has developed to work multidimensionally with others in service of the healing and awakening of humanity is a profound gift to us all.

Katie Teague

Independent Filmmaker


That you hear so clearly and are willing to be taken by TRUTH entirely is evident in your words (the vibration of Them) as well as in your work with others….What grace for those who come to you.


Marin County, California

Sally Carruthers

I have had numerous sessions with Sharon over the years. She brings a unique blend of spiritual wisdom and practical solutions to relationship issues. When I am at my wit’s end with no idea how to move forward with my relationships, I can count on her to listen closely and quickly point me to the root cause of my confusion. Sharon ‘s guidance always presents me with a whole new, fresh and uplifting perspective. She is amazing.

Sally Carruthers

Ed. D Special Education Consultant & Advocate Louisville, CO

Paul Rubin

Sharon’s caring and interdisciplinary skills showed me how to face powerful emotions, dive straight into them and find the joy and connectedness hiding beneath them. Her honesty and integrity helps to create a safe environment in which to explore hidden avenues within the soul. If you have always sensed something deeper in life, dreamed of a life with more richness and love, please find the courage to seek Sharon’s wisdom.

Paul Rubin

Gunbarrel, Co.